18 Opening Opportunities for Engagement

Melissa Ulery

Summer 2019

Throughout the CPLC experience, we have been encouraged and challenged to think creatively, thoughtfully, and mindfully about a student’s academic endeavor. The habits of mind (purposeful communication, problem solving, self-regulated learning and integrated perspectives) provide a valuable framework to engage our students during the learning process. During my reflective practice, I have concentrated on the importance of self-awareness, seeking perspective, staying connected, collaboration, taking ownership and engaging in the learning experience and metacognitive awareness. I have focused on these key areas of self-regulated learning and integrated perspective, as they play an essential role in the level of a student’s engagement from day one.

Whether this is a student’s first post-secondary experience or they are transferring from another institution, their level of engagement does have an impact on their overall success. It is our responsibility as faculty and staff to help guide these students, and to empower them to be active participants in their journey. However, for a student to feel comfortable engaging, they must first overcome any obstacles holding them back. While there are many barriers that have influence, my initial focus has been on those tied directly to integrated perspective and self-regulated learning.

Creating opportunities for student engagement and development is what has me the most excited about the journey we are all on with CPLC. It is through listening to the students, inspiring them to take control of their experience, providing tools of engagement; student will gain what is necessary to participate. I look forward to expanding on these thoughts through my own self-reflection and engagement with CPLC.

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