10 Challenges and Looking Ahead

Chris Lee

Spring 2022

It was very difficult for me to connect with the CPLC this year. It was due to a couple of different factors. The first main factor is that I was unable, and there weren’t many opportunities offered to connect face to face in person. It was nice in years past to sit down and talk about what works and what doesn’t work in our TWP courses. The second factor that made it difficult for me to connect was navigating the needs of my students within the course and within my own program. I felt like I was constantly having to reevaluate methods and procedures that have worked for years prior to COVID.

As for cluster learning, that has always been an uphill battle for me. I want to connect students to departments that enhance what they are researching, but it has been difficult to find professionals and fellow students that have the time to work with them on the other side. It would be nice if we had a list of people that upfront agree to be that connection for anyone who needs to connect with their department.

Here is to a fresh start in the new year.


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