65 Jellybeans

Kelsey Donnelly

Summer 2019

I am inspired by your words, it gives me a desire to learn

The emotion and empathy and honesty burns

It’s relieving to know I share the same fears

Your palpable appreciation moves me to tears


Open to you, to share and explore

I leave each workshop starving for more

Un-grading? I’ll try it, I am new to this game

But my tool box is growing, and I am so glad I came


It is not us teaching them, our learning’s in-sync

Human connection will be the most critical link

Ensure that the students feel valued and heard

Be one they can lean on when life gets absurd


The students need scaffolding, but I need it too

I have so much to learn from experts like you

A reflective practice will help keep me in check

To bounce off ideas when I’m in over my neck


I feel overwhelmed with information fatigue

It honestly makes me feel like I am out of my league

So much has been shared that would help develop my skill

But my inbox and children are also fueling my guilt


Time is a barrier we all must attempt to traverse

When it comes to enemies, I may be my own worst

I want to engage, share my thoughts and grow

But balancing expectations stifles my creative flow


Luckily, it is not my job to be an expert on tech

Inspiring curiosity has a better effect

So if a student wants to talk about jellybeans, I am all ears

Because sometimes that topic could be fueling their fears


One pagers and micro-writing I can’t wait to try

As well as some group bonding over the Habits of Mind

Classes start soon, about this I am conflicted

I guess that’s just another one of those problem’s that’s wicked

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